01 April 2009


What is managed Forex account?

A type of forex account in which a money manager trades the account on a client's behalf for a fee. Managed forex accounts are similar to hiring an investment advisor to manage a traditional investment account of equities and bonds. Returns and fees between managed accounts can vary greatly; therefore, it is important to research your options thoroughly before assigning your account to a professional manager.

A research from Steven Moore an analyst with an expertise in merging markets economy advising big investors looking for different investing opportunities, managed Forex trading companies included the analysis of the following factors:
• effectiveness of my investment;
• costs for opening account and management fees;
• decision-making opportunities for an investor (to withdraw profits);
• trading loss handling;
• extra earnings opportunities (bonuses, commissions, etc.);
• control of the trading process, etc.

From his analysis, there is top 3 companies in managed Forex trading business:

The top choice. Fully transparent company: you can view the course of company’s trading on Forex in real time. The minimum to invest is only $30 and the profit can be withdrawn after each trading day. The profit is based on trading results and the maximum daily profit is 2.8%. On average I receive around 1%-1.5% profit daily. No management fees. No loss guarantee. Major e-currencies and bank wire is accepted. Quick customer support and live chat.

Good managed Forex company with above average trading results. The minimum to invest is $2,000. The company charges 25% performance fee based on the earned profit. No early withdrawal fees. Bank wire and checks are accepted. Quick customer support.

Good managed Forex company with above average trading results. The minimum to invest is $20. Compounding available. Principal is locked for 7 months. Major e-currencies are accepted. Quick support.

source: moneyfxmanager.com


Dio said...

play forex need patience and do not greedy

bunda azka said...

wah.. klo aq blm ngerti nih ttg forex

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