28 November 2008

How to Turn Failure Into Stepping Stone for Success

Thomas Edison, the one who invented light bulb and one of the famous scientists of all time, failed more than 10,000 times before he finally found the right material for light bulb. The moment you heard his name, Thomas Edison, what comes straight into your mind? Is he a successful person who brings light into our life or you will think that he is the one that failed 10,000 times?

Think about it. People will never remember about your failure once you have succeeded. So don't worry about failing, nobody will laugh at you once you have proven yourself right. Just take the necessary action and you will find your way there. In fact, failure is something a must if you want to be successful in your life. Do you think that if Thomas Edison did not failed 10,000 times, he will be able to invent the light bulb? That is impossible; it is the failure that brings him the success.

In Chinese proverb, there is a saying goes, ‘Failure is the mother of successes. This suggests that, without failure, you will never succeed. You need to fail in order to be successful. This is the law of the universe. It is the failure that will lead you to the right path. However, many people do not understand this concept. Once they fail to achieve the results they wanted, they will give lousy excuses, blame the whole world except themselves, and they will give up in the end.

This is not the right way of doing things. Another big mistake that most people make is this, the way they treat failure. 80 percent of people will accept the truth of failure, they tell themselves that they will never be successful; they thought that they need luck or talent to be successful. These are the common excuses that given by this group of people, they will never try again and they just give up. Another 15 percent of people, who have more determination, will try again, and again.

However, they too, will not achieve the results they want. Why? This is because they are doing things the same old way. And for sure, they will get back the same old results. This group of people will keep trying with the same strategies, but they rarely will achieve success. The last 5 percent of people is those who treat success seriously and give in their 100 percent commitment. These are the people who lead the market and lead the world. They are the ones that take failure as feedback.

The moment they face failure, they told themselves that it is a test given from god. And they will change their strategies to reach their destination. They know that if they keep on doing the same thing, they will get back the same old lousy results. So, if you want to be successful today, you have to learn from this 5 percent of people. Whenever you face any failures in your life, take it as a challenge from god, god is telling you that the strategies you are using are wrong, thus change it and try again.

I believe that you can see now, without failure, you will never be successful. So you must be willing to fail. Mark my words; you will fail more than you can ever think of if you are serious in achieving success. Once you receive failure, take it as feedback, and change your approach of doing things. This way, I can guarantee that you will achieve whatever you want in your life.


Hellen said...

That't right. I agree.
Jangan takut kegagalan. Jgn jadikan kegagalan sebagai ancaman meraih kesuksesan.
Tp jadikanlah kegagalan sebagai pembelajaran dan batu loncatan.
Ga ada org sukses di dunia yg tdk pernah gagal.

Salam sukses!!

Hellen said...
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sukses ga akan datang sendiri ..harus diraih .....

sewa lcd semarang said...

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