02 March 2009

2nd award for me (Friendly Blogger 2009)

Thanks to Kang Seconaz who give me an award (Friendly Blogger Award 2009), and this is my second award. But to get the Friendly Blogger Award 2009, i must to do the task.

Check it out the task:

1. Take your latest photo
2. Can change clothes, make hair, clothes and the other, but tomorrow ..!
3. Post your photo and no edit
4. Post the task together with the photo posting
5. Tags 10 friends to do the same as this.

Dibawah "Jembatan Mahakam, Tenggarong, Kutai Kertanegara"

And for other Blogger in the world, please take the award as a sign of friendship, a fellow blogger. Bravo Blogger ... and Keep Bloging, cheers


B S K said...

segera dilakukan PR na bang ... :)

' Li ' said...

hua PR hihihi....
aq sdh pernah lo buat PR ini coba deh intip di arsip...ty

Rayza said...

wiiih dapat PR lagii...
Makasih ya bang.... :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

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