06 January 2009

Understanding Aging Skin and Solution

All people, especially women often hear certain words aging skin early. In fact what is the meaning aging skin early? And what factors caused aging skin early? Can we protect the skin from aging skin early so that does not happen to us?

Aging skin early is the process of the skin faster than it should. Many people began to see that the incidence of skin wrinkling in the face of a relatively young age, even at the age of the early 20s. This is usually due to a variety of factors, both internal and external. Internal factors are usually caused by the disruption of the body. For example, a prolonged illness, Feed and the lack of nutrition. While external factors can occur due to sunlight, pollution, cigarette smoke, food that is not healthy, and so forth.

Aging skin is basically divided into 2 of the process, namely chronological aging and photo aging. Chronological aging indicated a change of structure, and function and metabolik skin over continously age. This process included, the skin becomes dry and thin; the emergence of fine wrinkling, the pigmentasi skin (age spots).

While the process of 'photo aging' is a process that reduced the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin due to sun exposure UV rays. Exposure to UV rays over-rays, can cause skin damage due to the emergence of enzyme proteolisis of free radicals that form. This enzyme and the collagen network in the dermis under the skin.

So that our knowledge of the facts and the process aging skin which is a cause of skin aging skin early, we need to do the appropriate action to deal aging skin early. One of the appropriate action to deal aging skin early is wearing the right antiaging products.

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