12 March 2009

6 Tips For Smarter Insurance Planning

Insurance is a very vital part of the overall financial plan for any individual. Ensuring that there is the right amount of insurance is important for the achievement of several financial objectives. This calls for specific attention to several features related to insurance, which are as under:

Make effective use of insurance
Insurance is a route that helps you achieve several financial objectives. One of them is to provide support for your dependants in times of need. The other is the tax benefit that one gets on the premium paid on insurance. At the same time, insurance can provide money in old age when the requirement for funds is high. By making effective use of insurance you can achieve either of the objectives.

Additional benefit possible
There are various types of insurance present in the market. Life insurance is one common area, and there is a tax benefit possible up to Rs 1 lakh on the premium paid in a financial year under Section 80C. At the same time, there is an additional benefit under Section 80D for the payment of premium of a medical insurance. Using insurance you can not only get proper cover but also ensure a higher tax benefit.

Determine amount of cover for self
There is an additional tax benefit attached to insurance that is not available in several other investment areas. In case of life insurance, you can get a deduction even for premium that you have paid for your spouse or children. In case of medical insurance, there is an additional limit that is available for cover of parents who are senior citizens. Such a facility enables adequate cover for the family, thus achieving your financial objectives.

Understand the time period of policy
The process of insurance is not onetime but has to be continued over a period of time. This requires you to make various changes to your amount of insurance cover and the types of policies when the conditions related to you change. For example, marriage or the birth of children will require a reevaluation of the entire position on the insurance front. This includes raising the amount of insurance cover and even changing of the insurance policy mix for getting the right kind of benefits.

Use relevant options
There is some additional work required on your part because just selecting a particular kind of insurance will not complete your need. Within that particular area you have to select a particular policy. Different policies achieve different objectives, and hence the one that suits your needs best is the one that has to be selected. If you require just an insurance cover at the lowest cost then a term policy is right for you, while if you require a savings element linked to market performance then you will select a unit-linked policy and so on.

Return and its importance
One thing that most people will find is that making the payment for an insurance policy is very easy and this can be suited to your requirements. You can opt for a monthly premium payment or even a half-yearly insurance premium payment, at your convenience. At the same time, there can be a one-time payment in the form of a single premium policy. Even direct deduction of money from your salary each month or from your account is possible. This reduces the pressure on you to remember and make the payments and eases the process.



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Mantaff tips insurance planningnya sob. Tapi ada bagusnya kalo mau ambil asuransi, pilih perusahaan asuransi yg pasti2 aja sob, biar gak ribet waktu ngurus claimnya.
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