13 April 2009

Tips for Use and Selecting Perfume

With its sweet-smelling fragrance, perfume has become part of the beauty ritual performed every day. Clear liquid with a characteristic fragrant is extracted naturally from plants, fruits, flowers, spices, or are synthetic. Various perfume products now can be selected according to the mood and personality. As a perfume lover, you need to know the following.
  • Spray perfume on the surface of the hands and wait 10 minutes to get a fragrant perfume indeed. This tips also can be a trick to find out whether the fragrance perfume can survive long or not.
  • Various types of product perfume make us sometimes confused to choose. However try to limit only three kinds of perfume so the nose can distinguish each of the perfume with the perfect aroma.
  • Adjust the fragrant perfume withtype of event and your personality. For example, if you a feminim you can choose fragrance with fragrant flowers. While you are active and dynamic you can choose perfume with the aroma herbs or fruit.
  • Spray perfume on the body bending, hair, or chest area, so that the perfume aroma more soft but durable.
  • Power-resistant aromatic scent is also influenced by the temperature of our bodies, if the spray on the body such as a warm chest, fragrance perfume will feel better.
  • Perfume should not spray directly on to clothes because it will cause stains and hard to lose. Always use on the skin the body. Fragrances are spray or used in to the body will grow and become more soft at all.
  • We recommend packing perfume kept a cool place such as the refrigerator in order to survive longer and smell and the color does not change.
  • Now perfume available in various fragrance and bottle/packaging a variety of forms and shapes. Container/bottle is not transparent will more durable than transparent, because its contents are protected from the direct rays.