16 April 2009

Life is Full of Risk, Prepare it with Insurance

Human planning, but God determines. This expression seems to have been prevalent we hear and there may also have been since the times of yore. If we note that, this expression actually contain a hidden message: life is full of risk. From the least risk, such as slip in the bathroom, until the risk of loss of property, body, and even life.

The question for us is whether we should just let it happen to us, or would do best preparation for the guard in case the risk is coming. Of course, I recommend the last choice. I mean not to invite you to think pessimist, but rather would invite you to think far ahead. There are many goals in front of which there still want to achieve. Therefore, in achieving goals before, you should also prepare for a number of risks that may occur. One of the anticipated risk that you can do is to take some insurance. Here I'll tell you the various risks that may occur to you, and insurance to anticipation its.

1. Death

Risk of death can happen at any time without presumed. When the dead are still living alone, of course not a problem. Troublesome is if the dead have dependent children or other family members. How do they become? From which they can eat and pay school fees? If you currently have any other people whose lives under your responsibility, of course, life insurance should be considered. When you have life insurance, then the people who leave you will get some insurance money that he can use to pay for his life. So, there is a third party who will "keep" the people you leave. There are many insurance companies that provide this service. Overall strive to provide the best service with a variety of other inducement. You do not need to rush close your self or choose. Use your time to select companies which offer and provide the best service.

2. Accident

Wherever you are, the risk of accidents will continue to be just there. You go by plane, train, ship, what little chance there was. What happens if you have an accident? You will usually be taken to the hospital. You will also stay overnight if your injury need to care long enough. Due to worst, you are disabled. Could be one of the members of organs or body does not work. As a result, you can no longer work and earn money. Therefore, to anticipate the risk of capture is only the accident insurance. Accident insurance to provide insurance money if you have an accident so it must be treated in hospitals, a disabled, or even death. Just as the death of insurance, there are many companies that offer accident insurance. In general, they provide an affordable premium.

3. Sick

Sick is expensive. If you get sick, at least you should go to the doctor so that there is consultation fee you pay. Buy some medicines, and if your suffer a severe ilness you will treated in the hospital in some time. And now, some hospitals are requesting advance before you enter treatment. And how if you need surgery thats will add your cost hospital.
To prepare that situation, you can take health insurance. Compared to some years ago, are now more and more insurance company sell this product. There are products that provide only a replacement hospital, or hospital outpatient reimbursement plus, plus medicines as well. Now, your only choice that determines the most suit your needs.

4. Musing on the House

Recently we often see the news of a fire. Whether the market, office, and residential. Well, if it overrides to your home, imagine what will happen. Troublesome, not all people have enough money to rebuild the house by accident. for this type of disaster there is also available for insurance it. Usually the price is quite affordable.

5. Musing on vehicle

Do you have a car or motorcycle? Your vehicle also has a possibility of an accident.
When the risk of an accident is quite big, there's no one to take car insurance. Especially when the vehicle is to support you in the search for sustenance. If you have insurance it, when the damage occurred then insurance company will bear.

In conclusion, there are a variety of insurance that you prioritize. Then you can determine whether it needs to take some or all of the need. To get more information about insurance and information about insurance companies, please visit www.americalifequotes.com.


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WOW.. ripiu nya puanjaaaang buangeeetttt

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Proactive Pro said...

People should be educated about insurance. We should be ready to face any eventuality. I used to be an insurance agent so I know that people need to be protected. Thanks for posting this.

couple T shirt said...

mantab artikelnya, terima kasih atas infonya